My alarm rang at exactly 12:00 am which brought me to jump from my bed to my alarm afar from my bed but loud enough for me to hear. I prayed abruptly for a few seconds without putting into thought what I am saying to God, just the habitual-pray-when-waking-up attitude. I immediately sprang to scan my notes and began memorizing everything half dazed (but didn’t actually fully absorbed). In a span of 10 minutes, my eyes start to flutter like saying to me “Why did you open me when I just closed myself?” hence, I stand from my chair to the living room and stayed there for a second to keep my eyes from shutting, went back to my room, and began memorizing again, that lasted for about 5 minutes until I finally gave up and sleep again. I wake up 6:00 am after. When I went to school and took the exam, everything I’ve read was gone-No, sorry it’s not gone, because it’s not there, to begin with. And I’m pretty sure the result is awful. Sigh.I realized just now, what I have done. So am I like this? Is this my attitude while waiting for my God? Am I so busy that I forgot Which and Who is my priority? Who is the purpose why I woke up? Oh, please forgive me, God. That attitude of mine this morning is an example of a person who forgot to live-just breathing without living (and without realizing just Who gave them air to breathe.) Never face the day without talking to God and reading his words, otherwise, It’s like you are facing a battle without a sword. For “It is written, ‘Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” Matthew 4:4. If we continue living in our will, you can find your life empty in the end. If you continue wanting and struggling for things that are not your priority you will find yourself walking on the road lost and forgot where is your destination. Keep your eyes on  God so that you will not be lost. Isn’t it scary without God on your side (Only because you don’t want to be with God. God will never leave you unless you want Him to)? Isn’t it dreadful when God will come caught you doing unnecessary things? Isn’t it shameful when God is always a good driver and you always demand to go to the worldly places leaving Him in the car and keep Him waiting like forever? Let us pray and face satan in God’s strength.  Let us prepare to meet our God.

In everything that we do, let’s do it for the glory of God.



2 thoughts on “Never Face the Day without a Fervent Prayer.

  1. I have a habit of praying as soon as I open my eyes each morning. So now, the first thought that rushes through my mind when I wake up is “God!” instead of “What day is it? Am I up late?”


    1. It’s so sad but same with me ,Victoria. Let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to convict and intercede within us that we may praise God with all our heart , soul and mind. May the peace of God sanctify us completely.

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